The Radiant Recovery® classes are conducted through email. Everyone joins a special Yahoo email group list and the emails are sent out to everyone. Lessons are posted about every other day. People reply to the class list so you get to hear everyone’s responses. You can post anytime of day or night. We have people from all over the world in the classes, so everyone is posting on a different time zone.

You are not *required* to do anything. However, if you participate actively, you will get more out of the class.

What is the value of these classes?

Well, realistically, they give you a small group tutorial on a given topic. You can do in-depth problem solving in a way that is not possible on the online support lists. They will also provide information that may not be in the books or reflects developing research and interests. Most important, you get to work with Kathleen directly.

Does it make a difference which classes I take when?

If you are just starting out, it is better to do a sequence like this:

* Using the resources of the community
* Step One

And then go down through the step classes.

If you have a special concern like depression, you could take that class anytime.
If you have been doing the program for a while, just have fun and take what suits you. Watch for the *new* classes – they are always exciting and informative.

Can I take more than one?

You may take as many as you like. Generally, we have found that it works better to take no more than 2 at a time.

Do the classes repeat?

Yes, they do, but some of them are given less frequently than others.

Why do you do the classes in Yahoo?

We have found that while Yahoo is a little cumbersome to get started with, it works VERY well for an ongoing conversation suited to the way we teach this material. Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty straightforward.

Do I have to show up at a particular time?

No, the classes are designed to have one assignment every other day. You can check in whenever it is convenient for you.

Is it $24.99 per class or per day? Is it $24.99 for all these classes?

It is $24.99 for each class that lasts for two weeks. Some classes may be priced differently based on the content or duration of the class.

Does the time zone of my residence make a difference?

No. Check in when you can. We allow enough time for the conversation to swing across the globe.

How much time during the day will I need to invest in each class?

Realistically, if you spend 1/2 hour each day as you read and respond, you will get a lot out of the class.

I don’t do financial transactions over the Internet. How can I sign up?

Call the office at 505-345-3737 with your information.

How will I know which classes are starting each week?

The classes are announced in the newsletter each week. Classes start on Thursday. If you have signed up, you will get an email telling you that the class is starting.

What if I have to be out of town during my class?

Let the instructor know and we will make arrangements to accommodate you.

What if I hate the class? Will you give me a refund?

If you decide it is not right for you on the first day, you may to transfer to a different class. After the first day, there are no transfers. We do not do refunds for classes.