Healing Sugar Addiction With 7 Steps

The 7 Steps of Radiant Recovery® are designed to heal your brain and addiction to sugar.  Start your process with these three actions:

Get a copy of Potatoes not Prozac, take the online class called Using the Resources in the Community and start eating breakfast.


Tall glass of strawberry shake

Strawberry Shake

Once you feel braver, you can progress next to these three things:

First – Learn about the 7 Steps

Find an overview of the steps t.o learn more about the big picture.
The book Potatoes not Prozac (2008) will help you understand the theory of sugar sensitivity and give you the t.heory of the brain chemistry behind the steps.
The book  Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program will give you concrete suggestions for doing the steps.

Join the Step One Group to get specific help and share your learning with others.

Second – Learn about our Resources

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  • Join the FREE Community Forum, a moderated message board where folks love to share with each other. It is available 24/7 and provides a wealth of information gained and shared by people just like you. Introduce yourself, or just listen for a while. Instructions on using the forum are found in a link right at the top of the page.
  • Join a FREE online group. We have a group for everyone and everything. Go through the list and see if anything strikes your fancy. These are email lists. Each group is led by a volunteer who has been doing the program for many years. They are safe, funny and informative.
  • Take a low-cost online class taught by Kathleen DesMaisons herself. The classes cover both beginning and advanced topics.Most people begin with the Step One group.


Third – Come Visit the Store

Look around and see if there is anything you like. Most of all, ask questions. We are here to help.