Online classes are the heart of our ongoing educational program. You get to interact with other sensitive people from across the globe and time zones. Classes are conducted by email and you can interact when it is convenient for you. Most classes run for two weeks. Signing up early will hold a place in the class. Classes are announced in the newsletter.

Payment is due upon registration. If you find you cannot take the class at the time it is being offered, we will issue a credit for you to take another or the same class at a later date, if we are notified within two days. After that there will be no credits issued. Class fees are not refundable.

Shortly after you register and before a class begins, you will receive an autoresponder or an “invite” to join the Yahoo email group through which the class is being conducted. Please be sure to click on the link in the email to join the group.

Please read the Question and Answer Page and see the Class Schedule.

List of Online Classes

Using the Resources of the Community

This class will teach you all the ins and outs of the resources in the community. You will learn to navigate the community forum, learn how to use the resource center, check out Radiant Ranch, and learn your way around the website. You will be on your way with an invaluable resource in your pocket!

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Problem Solving for Newbies

This is an introductory class for those of you who have completed the Using resources of the Community class and would like some help in creating a map for success with the steps. It will be fun, focused and useful. Come join us for motivation and direction.

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Radiant Step 1 Class

This is our foundation class to get you started. Learn all four parts of step 1 in a structured way. Learn how to progress through them with enjoyment. Let us support getting your program off to a fabulous start.

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Radiant Step 2 Class

Learn how to choose the right book, how to get motivated, what to include, how to know how you feel. You will confront shame and embarrassment, clear out old history and have fun in the process.

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Radiant Step 2 Skilled Class

A group for people who have mastered beginning journal skills in Radiant Recovery® and would like to expand their knowledge of review and journal use.

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Radiant Step 3 Class

You may have thought this was the easiest one and then stumbled some. This class will give you small steps to success. Learn what the most successful members have done to work their way to solid meals, on time, with good foods. This class will provide detailed suggestions to guide you.

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Radiant Step 4 Class

This class will help you choose which vitamins and why. It will give you guidance on what potatoes, how big, with what other things on it. Learn how to use your dreams to guide your potato. This is practical and scientific information, not strange woo-woo. A really fun class with lots of new data.

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Radiant Step 5 Class

Choosing Best Browns – If you have been seduced into thinking that *no grain* is the way to go, come and have a look at some of the research on the other side of the message. I have picked the brains on the world’s leading experts for this class and would like you to have a full picture of the Browns story. I like to think the question is how do we support you in finding the *best browns* for you at whatever stage of the steps you are in. This is not just for people going into step 5, but for all of you who are wanting to to begin the transition away from refined carbohydrates and into healthier choices for you and your family.

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Radiant Step 6 Class

Successful detox means the foundation is in place and you know what you are doing. This class will help you make a great plan to minimize your discomfort and maximize your success. Do it this way and you will have no pain.

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Radiant Step 7 Skilled

A group designed to provide support to the members of the Radiant Recovery® community who are starting their journey into step 7. Come discover a road map, skills and fellowship as you explore new territory.

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Learn all about the “just say no” chemical. Learn how your depression may be affected by your diet. Learn how to manipulate serotonin levels safely and with tenderness. A real hands-on lesson in feeling better.

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Beta Endorphin

Learn how this chemical affects your self-esteem and why your capacity to cope may be directly related to your beta endorphin levels. A fascinating look at the part of the story that is most crucial to sugar sensitivity.

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A first look at sugar sensitivity and dopamine. Learn about the fourth leg of the story and see if this is your missing piece.

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A special class on brain function. Learn how your amygdala shapes your feelings and recovery. Learn how to transform fear, reactivity and doom into joyfulness. Once again, Kathleen will take a very complex topic and make it fun and easy to understand.

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Restoring Your Brain After Stimulant Abuse

A  NEW class for those of you who come to the community with a history of drug use or abuse. You have stopped using and want to do the food, but it seems as if there is more to the story for you. There is. Drugs alter brain function and even after you stop, there are residuals that can have a huge effect in your life. We will look at drugs like amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, opioids and benzodiazipines. You will learn what neurotransmitters these affected, what the residuals are, and how to heal. Finally, you will be able to make sense of why you just can’t seem to get traction with your recovery.

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The Addiction Amoeba

So you have gotten the food steady and are ready to take a look at the other stuff — gambling, debt, shopping, work, money, sex, you name it. A tender look at the biochemistry of these and how doing the food is going to help all of them.

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Language of Recovery

A number of people in the Family and Friends group have asked me about doing a special class on the language of recovery. They have shared with me how useful it has been to work through complex family situations when they have practiced *recovery scripts* like, *I am sorry, that won’t work for me.* Here will be your opportunity to come and do case studies of weathering dysfunctional family patterns and finding new ways to deal with what seem to be entrenched interactions. This class will be highly interactive so make sure to get your place.

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Clearing All That Stuff

A FOCUSED, quick and dirty support to getting your house, your yard, your closets, your life, your soul all cleaned up. This will be a funny, playful way to look at the scary corners filled with 15 spice jars, cosmetics pots of face cream, tools or old sheets that you might need someday. This is an opportunity to face your stuff and be supported in letting it go.

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Radiant Play

Learning how to play is a key part of recovery. Many of us lost this skill when we stepped into addictive behavior. Come remember the joy of it.

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Magical Introversion

A new class which has grown out of your teachings. Last year you sat with me and talked about what life is like for you. I have taken that material, added the brain component, and put together the implications for sugar sensitives.

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Yes, the first book was called Potatoes Not Prozac for a reason. Learn about the biochemistry of depression, what meds do, how to use or not use meds as you progress through the steps. Learn why SSRI’s don’t always solve the problem. Become an informed consumer so you can speak to your doc in a clear and educated fashion about your needs.

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Magic Bowls

Some of you have heard about the *magic bowls* and their role in successfully doing the program. This class will teach you how to assess your magic bowl configuration for what step you are on and where you are in that step. This class is for those of you who get baffled by numbers or counting, or who struggle with restriction. You will need to order and have the bowls before the class starts.

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Radiant Coaching/Skilled

This class is a new class which will be an ongoing skilled coaching class for people who are experienced with steps 6/7 and really want to amp up their programs. We will look at the magic bowl system, adjusting food for exercise, exercise, journaling, joy dots, and whatever else the *trainees* want. It is an opportunity to have Kathleen’s personal ongoing coaching in real time. Take the tidbits you get at chats and expand them into personal applications for YOUR program in real time. You get to choose how long you want to do this, and what use to make of your coach. While this is NOT boot camp, it is a serious commitment to change. This class is not open to everyone, you will have to request participation and provide an application about why you are ready to take on this challenge.

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Radiant Coaching Intro

A special ongoing group to provide individualized support in learning the art of doing step 2 though 6 of the Radiant Recovery® Program

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Radiant Restart

A special class designed to support you in getting back on track with the steps. This is for people who are coming back, you have some memory of the steps and want to reengage. It will be funny, caring and supportive.

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Healing Grief

We will explore how to come to reconciliation about the loss of people or animals or places or things that are dear to us when we are choosing not to anesthetize ourselves. It will be about letting go, grieving deeply and letting pain wash through us without having to *do* or *take* something.

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Radiant Holiday Joy

This is a special SHORT class [5 days] on preparing and getting through Thanksgiving with joy and ease. Learn to transform stress into gratitude and relaxation. Deal with your parents and your children and grandchildren in a different way. Have fun, laugh and learn some radiant tricks of the trade for holiday sanity.

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Fat Terror

A special class for members of YLD in the Radiant Recovery Community who are very concerned about their weight. This will address the feelings and fear you have about your weight and doing the program.

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Fitness for Weight Loss

A class for members of the Radiant Recovery YLD program who wish to refine and integrate their fitness plan into their overall weight loss plan.

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The Obesity Myth

I LOVED this book and I think it should be required reading for anyone who is concerned about weight. Come join us in an indepth look at the *myth* issues and the emotional residue we all have from them. Please get a copy of the book and have looked at it before the class starts. This book will change your life and the class will help you make sense of it.

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Weight Loss and Clothing

This class will explore our relationship to clothes after you start changing your sense of your self. How you want to dress, what works, what doesn’t work. What about all the clothes in the closet that do not fit?  Do you want them? Even if they fit now, are they what you want to wear? How can you have a sense of style? Come have fun and play with us in a journey of discovery.

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Weight Loss Emotions

A class for those on step 7 ready to look at emotional issues of being overweight.

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