Radiant Reports®

Radiant Reports are short reports on specific topics that are of interest to Sugar Sensitive People. Dr. DesMaisons has researched these topics to give you an informed and thoughtful look on complex ideas in an understandable way.


See what interests you:


Learned Helplessness

Read about why sugar sensitive people can get stuck with Learned Helplessness.

Omega Fatty Acids

Articles include information about Fats and Cancer and the general role of Omega 3 Fatty Acids in healing.

Sorting the Soy Story

There is a lot of information about soy on the Internet. Here is a thoughtful look at the The Soy Story and how to make sense of what is right for you.

Thyroid Function

Sometimes Thyroid Function is an important part of healing for sugar sensitive people. Here is a user-friendly discussion of the issues.

The C57 Story

This is a MUST READ article for you in understanding why you are the way you are. The C57 Story will give you a great perspective on being sugar sensitive.

The Beta Endorphin Story

Beta Endorphin is the crux of it. Read about the central issue for you as a sugar sensitive person.

Is it Addiction or Is It Passion

Discernment is the heart of it. A great way to answer an important question.

Joy Dots

 Joy Dots are a key part of our emotional healing. Learn more about them.