Additional Resources to Support You

Radiant Recovery® offers many different kinds of tools to support you in your journey to balance, steadiness and wholeness. We continue to build a community that supports doing the food and embracing step 7, living in joy.


Here are some additional tools for your recovery:


Weight Loss

Your Last Diet is a membership program to heal your sugar addiction, balance your biochemistry and provide a weight loss process designed for sugar sensitive brains and emotions.


Read the heart of Kathleen’s communication with the community. The newsletter archives give you articles, testimonials, recipes and featured items from the store.


Come visit our recipe blog and search for your favorites or visit the old fashioned list built by members over the years.

Radiant Reports

Radiant Reports offer information on topics of particular interest like depression, soy, omega 3 fatty acids and other areas of interest. Check back as we add things to the list.

Radiant Life

The special membership program, Radiant Life, is about learning how to *live* as you move towards radiance. We talk about emotional sobriety, finding passion in your life, program maturation and spirituality.

Other Addictions

Here we help you with other addictions: alcohol, drugs like opioids and stimulants, caffeine and behaviors like gambling or Internet gaming.