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Radiant Recovery® is an online international community dedicated to healing unbalanced sugar sensitivity. Radiant Recovery® was founded in 1988 by Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D. and is run by a group of dedicated volunteers whose lives have been changed by her work.

Kathleen is the best-selling author of Potatoes Not Prozac, The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program, Your Last Diet, Little Sugar Addicts and Your Body Speaks.

She is both a compassionate coach and a social commentator who has taken the concept of sugar sensitivity and transformed the way of looking at the relationship of addiction and food as a healing agent. Kathleen is a cultural visionary, understanding the essence of addiction in a compassionate and revolutionary way.

Kathleen on the way to the gym with her son Ted

Kathleen and her son Ted

As the biochemical understanding of sugar sensitivity and sugar addiction has evolved, so has Kathleen’s mission, transforming from a lone voice on the cutting edge of addiction treatment to a cultural leader and life guide. Kathleen inspires hope in hundreds of thousands worldwide who have suffered from alcoholism, sugar addiction, depression, eating disorders, and the complexities of parenting.

Kathleen’s voice is caring, skilled and clear in a realm where fog, blame and dysfunction abound. She provides not only hope, but also practical skills for profound life change.

Kathleen’s books have a worldwide audience from all over the U.S. and Canada, Europe, Australia and into the Far East including Mongolia, Japan and Thailand. Her books have been best sellers in the UK and the U.S. and have reached more than half a million people. She has taught animated and informative workshops, seminars and retreats since 1988 across the country and the UK.

Kathleen in Oak Creek Canyon with Goldens

Kathleen in Oak Creek Canyon with Goldens

Kathleen’s name has become synonymous with the healing of sugar addiction through nutrition. The genuineness of her vision and the depth at which people have bonded with her message have powered the development of her website at www.radiantrecovery.com into a leading voice of hope and healing throughout the world.

In 1998, before the social networking of today, Kathleen set out to build a worldwide community of supportive sharing. She has empowered hundreds of women and men to collaborate with her in providing support to thousands daily.

The members of her community respect her as a trusted servant of truth and an embodiment of authenticity. Her unique style and vision flow out into a vibrant and empowered collective voice of recovery.

DSC01028Kathleen lives with her Golden Retrievers in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She also serves as the President of the statewide Golden Retriever Rescue.

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